Kennel Lacrimale is a small home kennel that breeds Terrier Brasileiros.

My name is Henna Jaffe and I have done my Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2012. Our family lives in a small city called Hamina, that is located about 150km to the East from Helsinki, were I also work as a veterinarian.

Terrier Brasileiros have been part of my life since 2004 when I got my first male Aksu (Sooraba Digam). At this moment we have four TB’s in our home living as a family members; Muru (Pirunsaaren Immonen), Kiti (Lacrimale Isla), Masa (Point Black Do Terra Dona Francisca) and Maia (Lacrimale Maia).


I also have some dogs that are co-owned and they are living with their own families. More information about these dogs you can find under the page “Litters”


Dog shows have taken us with them and we participate in quite many shows in a year. I have been very satisfied to the success that my dogs have got. Agility is the other hobby that we really love. Yet we haven't participate in any official competitions but hopefully in the near future.


We have bred 14 litters and in my breeding work I want to breed dogs that fits to the breed standart, are healthy and with a good structure. The character and the healthiness for me are the main things so the puppy will fit to our society when it grows up.


Our puppies will grow up as a part of normal life and they are used to children and other dogs. I hope that our puppies will get loving and active homes where they can grow up as a family members. All dogs that are used on my breeding work are eye- and knee checked.


Feel free on contact me on any cases and welcome to my homepages!